frank baumgartner
research & experimental works:

this page contains documents and source code of works and experiments i have collected over the time. some works are rather experimental, other techniques are used daily for my works.

feel free to use our knowledge for improving your own skills, of course i'm also interested on discussions
and comments about my work!

sincerely yours,

Frank P. Baumgartner (



x86 assembler / C++ stuff
internet related stuff



zipped incl.
tools & source

sine/cosine synthesis (extremely fast)
this is a tutorial about recursive calculations on trigonometric functions.
applied on DSP programming for sound synthesis (oscillators, LFOs, FFT)

(txt +NASM

magic numbers - x86 FPU/CPU:
this article describes what magic numbers are, how they can be used, etc.
the .zip file includes an include file for use with NASM also!

introduction into win32 API programming
thanks a lot to peter koen for supporting us with this tutorial!

the .zip file includes an example with .cpp and executable!
Telephonie mit TAPI 3.0
thanks a lot to peter koen for supporting us with this tutorial!


x86 assembler / C++ stuff:

void 3
(windows media player video)

void 3 - com file

void 3 - source code

void 3 - 4k intro (winner at mekka/symposium 1999)
one of the best 4k intros ever done. - coded together with shiva^kolor who did the great graphics code!
the binary needs soundblaster and win95/98, you can also download full assembler source code!

c++ 4k

(zipped .cpp source)

c++ 4k - second place at dialogos 2001
this small production was done in 5 hours live at dialogos 2001 / jena^germany together with delta9

PE-2-EXE and PE-2-COM:
this tool can be used to convert win32 executables into dos-like exe/com files,
your win32 application can then be compressed with DOS executable packers
which usually give better results for file sizes smaller than 64kb!
two-formant speech synthesizer:
this is a very basic roboter-like sounding speech synthesizer, including
an executable and .cpp source code as well as an example .smp raw-data output file!

convex n-polygon filler:
a very small .cpp file which demonstrates the easiest way for filling any convex polygon consisting of as many points as desired!

riot - space attack 4k intro (3rd place at the party 1997, aars/denmark)
this package includes FULL assembler source of the 4k intro code!
stereo HSC player (adlib/OPL3):
complete watcom C++ source code!


internet related stuff:

this tool allows you to do bitmap morphs for flash! - it stores one or two JPEGs plus vector data!! - small file sizes!
this tool can be used together with IIS for checking user uploaded JPEG files wheter they are flash compatible or not. besides being aware of progressive JPEGs this tool also recognizes the new JPEG2000 files and reports that flash 6cannot load them. - use this for verifying user image uploads for use with flash 6.

converts flash 4, 5 or 6 projector exe files into swf.

for use with flash communication server MX. when a user records a video/sound message, it is stored as a FLV file on the server. - usually it can be only played back using the commication server. using this tool you can save fmx communication server connections because users can access the video via HTTP request! basically, this means: limited recording connections, unlimited playback connections!
converts all jpeg types (also progressive) into SWF
using this tool you can do percentual preloaders for loading bigger XMLs in flash 5, too!

flash SWF compressor and uncompressor tool, win32 console application

webamp demo
flash 6: mp3 player "webamp"
our version of an online mp3 player, it can read any winamp v2 skins! included is a nice song by! click here to show this nice player!
(includes .FLA)
flash 6: water effect
simple water effect using multiple (actionscripted) masks.
click here to watch it.
(both .zip's
include .FLA's)

flash 6: nice curveTo-animation effect && drawing circles with 5 curveTo's
circle is a nice effect using multiple curveTo's. first released on, now also released here. this innovative effect even already has been used 1:1 on other company's websites (shame on you! ;-) ).

circle2 demonstrates how to draw a circle using 5 curveTo commands.


( includes
.fla, .xm etc. )
flash 6 in-depth sound syncing (sample-exact!)
besides an highly interesting new syncing method for flash 6 this package holds an example file of our experimental xm2swf converter. if you don't know what XM is, the text file explains it, just go for it! ;-)

includes .fla)
flash vocoder:
this swf consists of a 7.2k synthesizer and approx. 26k of raw vocoder-data.

asc-2-as: converter from 3d-studio ASC to flash actionscript
this is a small tool for importing 3d-studio objects into actionscript,
.pas source included

flash 5 texture-mapper and 3d-engine:
as the first company we have developed a texture-mapper for flash 5,
it has already been finished in january 2001! - full source code with
OOP 3d engine, .FLA included!

texture mapping

flash 3d texture-mapping:
in opposite to the action-script version above these SWF files are using no actionscript at all! each SWF consists of a JPEG picture, the 3d models are the output of a self-developed C++ program. - the first converter ever that does texture-mapping.

the technique used is an extremely advanced version of the actionscript variant and needs much less CPU power!

sound link

sound link 2

java applets: real-time sound synthesis
sound link 1 works only with internet explorer, uses direct-sound for high-quality sound output, therefore you have to accept the security warning. sound link 2 uses default sun output routines, bad sound quality (8khz) but no security warnings.

both applets use massive CPU time, each applet only has about 11kb data and doesn't need any external sound files - all sounds are actually calculated.

flash 5 mousefollower:
simple but nice mouse-follower effect using onClipEvent( enterFrame ) ...
includes fla, swf and html file!

flash 5: 3d starfield
the good old 3d starfield effect, includes .FLA file
flash5: simple 2d line effect:
includes .FLA file
flash5: matrix effect
well-known matrix effect, done in flash. includes .FLA